Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Policy

Updated – December 2020

Green Circle Solutions is a consultancy business driving sustainable solutions and sustainable business strategy to like minded businesses.

As a new independent business, it is the policy of Green Circle Solutions to have no nett negative impact on the environment and to develop regenerative business practices from day 1, year 1.

Every effort is being be made to:

  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Make considered travel decisions
  • Minimise carbon footprint
  • Minimise waste
  • Maximise re-use – of everything !

In so doing, and until such time as we have renewable energy for all, we understand that there will still be a small residual negative impact from the activities of the business, and although offsetting is not the panacea answer, Green Circle Solutions will proactively work with offset partners towards a net positive impact.

The primary objective of the business is to support other client businesses to reduce their own impact on the environment, and to help them develop regenerative business strategies to move forward with a positive impact on communities, culture, and of course the businesses economy.

It is Green Circle Solutions’ objective, via its involvement with other businesses to have a tangible, measurable overall positive impact on the environment and community.

Green Circle Solutions will endeavour to ensure it is always promoting

  • current best sustainable business practice
  • compliance with appropriate regulations and legislation
  • thought leadership based on continual engagement with the sustainability community
  • respect, to all stakeholders up and down the supply chain

Responsibility for enaction of this policy will lie with the company Directors.

This sustainability policy is a living document that is updated continually in line with the demands of both legislation and the best academic understanding regarding environmental impact and employee wellbeing.

Green Circle Solutions provide a diverse range of sustainabilty solutions to build into the heart of organisations and their events, exhibitions and projects.

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