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About Waste Management Reviews

Waste is an inevitable part of all businesses, but a critical part of the sustainability equation.

Green Circle Solutions can support you by carrying out a Waste Audit, and from this information you can make a significant impact on your CO2 footprint. We have expert and first-hand experience at working with waste contractors and identifying if separating waste streams would be beneficial and also help to create costs savings.

It is not unusual for recycled waste from the UK to actually create a worse CO2 impact as it gets shipped elsewhere to its final stage of disposal. To mitigate this, we cast a critical eye on the waste stream one step beyond your immediate waste contractor, and will verify that your “recycled waste” is not actually becoming a rubbish problem in someone else’s back yard.

Key Points

  • Carrying out a Waste Audit can make a significant impact on your CO2 footprint.
  • There could also be cost savings for your business, helping the bottom line and the CO2 budgets.
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