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Resource Efficiency Audit Reports

A resource efficiency report takes a wider look at your business and business practices. In addition to looking at the energy and water consumption, we also take an objective look at the business premises and consider any meaningful changes that could be made to the fabric and workings of the premises, and with ever changing new technologies, it is amazing how much efficiency can be gained from a review of the site electrical installations and lighting with IR sensors, automatic doors and better controls on heating elements and much, much more.

Consider then, how this can also be translated into your event or exhibition project. With the transient and temporary nature of our industry, it is too easy to think these efficiency possibilities don’t matter on the show floor – but it all counts and it all adds up – and we can support your business in designing these more sustainable solutions in to your project or event.

We also offer a Resource Efficiency Audit bespoke to events and projects, and can work with you from the design phase to ensure these elements are built intrinsically to the event from the word go, rather than adapting designs and installations later down the line.