Impact Assessment Reports

About Impact Assessments

Every business wants to reduce its impact – that’s a no brainer. But before you can reduce, you have to measure the status quo.

At Green Circle Solutions, we look at your overall business impact from your upstream supply chain to down stream clients to assess the overall impact of the business activity. This then feeds into a comprehensive Impact Assessment Report, identifying the areas of good performance within the business, and the areas for improvement. Having a clear and professional Impact Assessment Report allows your business to communicate confidently with all stakeholders with respect to the company's environmental impact. It sets you apart from the competition and creates the benchmark for year on year improvement and impact reduction.

As your business confidence grows in communicating about sustainability, the report will facilitate your setting of targets and telling the world how you are improving, and beating your set targets.

Key Points

  • We assess your business' environmental impact, identify good performance and areas for improvement.
  • A comprehensive, clear and easy to understand Impact Assessment Report bespoke to your business, allowing you to communicate with confidence to all stakeholders.
  • Benchmark for year on year improvement.
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