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About Carbon Footprint

Green Circle Solutions have developed our own bespoke Green Circle Carbon Calculator for CO2.

One of the real benefits of us managing our own calculator is that there are no licensing fees to pass on to you as a customer. It's been tried and tested, and has been developed to be as intuitive as possible and is specifically relevant to events and exhibitions, and related organisations.

The Green Circle Carbon Calculator outputs allow us to create reports in line with the Stream Lined Energy and Carbon Report Regulations 2015 (SECR) and draws upon the latest current UK Government carbon emissions factors, along with the extensive Inventory of Carbon and Energy database published by Bath University providing materials embedded CO2.

We will work with you to gather and input the relevant and correct data. With a meaningful baseline established, we can then develop mitigation strategies and guide you towards the next step to consider areas for improvement, carbon offsetting and facilitating carbon neutral targets. You will receive regular updates and we will interpret all results into understandable assessment reports as appropriate. Your information is stored safely with us and will always be accessible on request. We can edit and amend the input data as many times as appropriate, as and when new information and new projects are developed.

Green Circle Solutions have also developed a network of credible and local offsetting partners and can create an offset portfolio relevant and appropriate for your business.

All decisions will be pragmatically made, and at a pace to suit your business needs and the demands of your stakeholders.

Key Points

  • We have our very own carbon calculator!
  • Reports developed in line with regulations.
  • Fully understandable reports and full guidance on actions to take.
  • Ongoing carbon footprint review as required.
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