Green Circle Solutions Partner with The Ops Nest for Sustainability Solutions Guide

Elizabeth Birtley

By Elizabeth Birtley

February 05, 2021

Green Circle Solutions are delighted to be working on an exciting and forward-thinking project in partnership with The Ops Nest - the "Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas".

The Ops Nest is part of OpsShaper, a learning community for event operations professionals, whether organisers, contractors and venues. Ops Nest provides consistent and relevant accredited training, access to industry experts and connections with your industry peers.

The Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas will provide examples of best practce and initiatives for operational professionals in order to help them implement changes to reduce their environmental footprint.

Green Circle Solutions Director, David Humphreys, heads up this project alongside Marisa Beckman of Inovent Exhibitions Ltd and Sally Field of Informa Markets. A team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability and business operations between them, their leadership will head up over 20 Ops Nest members to create a resource that will be available to the wider industry.

David says, "Green Circle Solutions is delighted to be partnering with the Ops Nest to support the initiative creating the Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas, which we hope will provide a useful reference point for event organisers events, venues, and contractors of all shapes and sizes across the events and exhibitions industry, to help put sustainability ideas into practise.

It was a great opportunity to be invited as the sponsor partner, immediately creating access to a wide and respected network across the events industry. The Ops Nest network is a goldmine of professional talent, and collectively we hope will create something innovative, but more importantly an accessible and useful resource for event professionals to implement their sustainability goals."

The Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas is due to be published digitally in April, and will be a free resource, with additional resources available to Ops Nest members.

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