The Little Green Book of Big Green Ideas

Elizabeth Birtley

By Elizabeth Birtley

June 07, 2021

"The subject of sustainability is nothing new." The words of David Humphreys, Director of Green Circle Solutions.

The event industry has been talking about sustainability for a number of years, yet uptake of sustainable initiatives have been slow to implement, and many have very little interest in gaining momentum on their sustainability journey.

"We all know what happened in 2020 and many exhibition businesses, event organisers and venues, will have serious ongoing concerns about basic survival as we progress into 2021. In spite of this, the good news is that we can see and feel a genuine desire from many to embed sustainability into the industry as we kick start again post Covid. Whilst the global pandemic and the event industry shutdown is not the catalyst per se for this sustainability drive, many businesses and organisations are utilising this forced stopgap to entrench sustainability into their operations as things build back up to something like the industry that we all know, love and recognise."

And that's where The Ops Nest and Green Circle Solutions partnered, with the aim to get the events industry thinking about sustainability, getting productive and helpful conversations underway, and turning discussions into useful ideas to put into actions.

The Little Green Book of Big Green Ideas is an incredibly exciting project. An invaluable resource for event profs. Simple, easy to action and available digitally for you to download, there'll be no stopping you! From new ideas, sharing experience and best practice, make The Little Green Book part of your essential reading list, and begin your sustainable journey today.

Find out more and download The Little Green Book of Big Green Ideas here.

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