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Striving to deliver sustainability solutions for events, exhibitions and wider business

A team of qualified sustainability professionals with decades of experience in the events industry, providing a diverse range of innovative services that build sustainability into the heart of events, exhibitions and organisations.

Green Circle Solutions aims to:

  • Help other companies to improve their sustainability credentials from the core of the business through to the heart of their projects
  • Connect existing businesses and skill sets to facilitate best business practice and more sustainable development
  • Reduce industry carbon footprint
  • Facilitate carbon reduction solutions
  • Set targets and objectives for businesses to achieve “net zero”
  • Provide advice and consultancy services in sustainability

Green Circle Solutions provide a diverse range of sustainability solutions to build into the heart of businesses and their events, exhibitions and projects.

Aiming to re-imagine how we look at events so that sustainability is built-in from the initial concept, we offer advice and consultancy you can understand, and solutions and services tailored to your requirements across the broad spectrum of events, exhibitions, organisations and projects.

We will work with you from the start of the journey, to examine every aspect of your business or event, and to design in sustainability from the outset. Data and metrics will form the basis of year on year improvement, and empowers us to objectively quantify and calculate the costs versus benefit of everything you do.

Let Green Circle Solutions support your business:

  • Calculate footprint for your business to give context
  • Calculate footprint for your business deliverables
  • Assist with your sustainability communication – its time to make this the customers responsibility – but you will help them with their problem
  • Sustainable design guidance
  • Sustainable build solutions
  • Provide solutions for carbon neutrality
  • Create Net Zero target strategies
  • Sustainability policy creation
  • ISO 14001 compliance
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Energy contract reviews
  • Energy efficiency audits and reports

Sustainability is our area of expertise, it's what we do all day every day, so you know you can trust us to help your business, giving you sound advice and helping you along your sustainability journey.

  • Legal compliance e.g.. *SECR, which applies to quoted companies, large business and LLPs
  • Best Practice – all SMEs are encouraged by UK.Gov to comply with SECR
  • Get ahead of the game and be a market leader and enhance your business standing
  • Improve scores in sustainability initiatives and tender processes
  • To do the right thing and meet your business moral responsibility
  • To do the right thing on behalf of your customers
  • Manage climate related risks and opportunities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement (supports ISO 14001)
  • Identify opportunities for financial savings
  • Access grants, funding and finance initiatives
  • Show commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Enhance staff engagement, recruitment and retention
  • Create sustainable procurement to improve the supply chain

Sustainability is what we do, and we have been working in the sustainability and events industries for a long time.

We understand not only the requirements and obligations within sustainability, but the varying factors that must be taken into consideration for businesses working on events and exhibitions.

Our team are professionally qualified in sustainability, and are accredited as practicing members of IEMA, The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, an organisation dedicated to transforming the world to sustainability. We are also members of the Association of Project Management and other professional bodies.

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