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Sustainability & Green Credentials for Events and Exhibitions

We are Green Circle Solutions, a forward thinking company striving to deliver sustainability solutions for events, exhibitions and all other business sectors.

We are a team of qualified sustainability professionals with decades of experience in the events industry, providing an innovative service that builds sustainability into the heart of events, exhibitions and organisations. Looking to re-invent how we look at events so that sustainability is locked-in from the initial concept, we provide consultancy services tailored to your requirements, and create fully circular solutions appropriate for your business or project.

As we peel back the "Triple P" mantra of People - Planet - Profit, individuals, businesses and government must start to invest in sustainable capital. It's no longer acceptable to say “.....we've always done it this way", and it's no longer appropriate to design and build your event, and then belatedly try to improve your footprint with some token gesture recycling initiatives . Green Circle Solutions can work with you through every stage, to examine every aspect of your business or event, and to design in sustainability from the outset. Data and metrics will form the basis of year on year improvement, and empowers us to objectively quantify and calculate the costs versus benefit of everything you do.

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